If you or a loved one have a personal injury claim in OKC, you may want to settle your case to avoid trial and guarantee compensation. But many naturally wonder, “How long does it take to get a personal injury settlement check?” Every case is unique, but some common factors influence the time it takes to settle a case after a car accident or slip and fall. At Laird Hammons Laird Personal Injury Lawyers, our team can guide you through each step of the settlement process and evaluate how much may go into your pocket.

What Is a Personal Injury Settlement in OKC?

A personal injury settlement is a legal agreement between you and the party responsible for your injury or their insurance company. Settlements give you financial compensation without going to trial. This compensation may cover many accident-related expenses, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Once signed, the settlement typically will prevent you from taking further legal action related to your accident.

Many personal injury cases are settled before trial. However, settling a case and receiving a check is not always quick. Several factors contribute to how long lawsuits take to settle in Oklahoma City. 

The Complexity of Your OKC Personal Injury Case

The facts of your personal injury case can significantly impact the time it may take to settle. Cases involving serious injuries, disputed liability, or multiple parties can take months or years to settle, if they do at all. This is because complex cases require more extensive investigation than simple accidents. There is also sometimes a need to bring in experts or other professionals to prove the facts of your accident and substantiate your damages.

The Length of Your Medical Treatment

Many attorneys recommend waiting until you finish medical treatment or reach maximum medical improvement before settling your personal injury case. Maximum improvement refers to the point where your injuries stabilize, and you know what your ongoing medical care may require.

Finalizing a settlement before you finish treatment or reach MMI makes it difficult to know whether you are settling your case for fair compensation. This is because you will not adequately know how much you need to cover all your medical expenses or long-term injuries. Instead, you will just be making a guess. Accidents with serious injuries or prolonged medical treatment can take longer to settle for this reason.

Protracted Negotiations in OKC

Settlements are reached through negotiation. If you receive a settlement offer, remember that it is rarely the person’s best and final offer. Negotiating will help you settle your case for fair compensation. However, how long negotiations take varies. 

Complex cases with multiple parties or disputed liability may require a lengthy back-and-forth process that takes months or years, especially if parties disagree about the value of your claim. Every counteroffer and response also takes time to evaluate.

Personal Injury Liens in OKC

Another factor influencing how long after a settlement you get paid is personal injury liens and debts. Liens are legal claims against the compensation you receive from your accident. One of the most common examples is medical liens, which medical providers file to recover a portion of your settlement for unpaid medical services related to your accident. Other liens include those filed by government agencies, such as Medicare, Medicaid, or child support agencies.

Any liens against your settlement must be addressed before you receive your check. A personal injury lawyer can help you negotiate liens and repay any debts, but this can prolong the settlement process depending on the liens involved.

If You’re Negotiating a Personal Injury Settlement, Contact an OKC Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Navigating a personal injury settlement is not always simple after an accident. Many factors will influence how long it takes to get a personal injury settlement check in OKC, but an experienced Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer can help you do so efficiently. They can negotiate settlements with insurance companies and substantiate your damages for maximum compensation. If you or a loved one have been injured, do not try to negotiate on your own. Contact an Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer to guide you through each step of the settlement process and to learn how long lawsuits take to settle.

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