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Todd helped me organize my case and kept me updated at each milestone. In the end, his team did a great job and I'm happy with the outcome.
Todd and Morgan were on point handling all the matters involved with my accident, everything was handled efficiently
Did a really good job with helping me with my situation took along time but they stayed on itThanks
Todd Kernal is such a wonderful, hardworking, sharp, kind attorney. I couldn’t have asked to be represented by a better person, he made the entire process as easy as it could have possibly been. And everyone I have communicated with in this office has been wonderful to say the least. Definitely consider them for future law needs 👌
Great communication about my case always answered all my questions and helped me every step of the journey definitely will recommend to people
I was one of the people fortunate enough to be chosen to participate in a focus group lead by Chris Hammons this past Saturday. Not sure what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the office staff. The purpose of the focus group was to obtain diverse opinions as “mock” jurors regarding possible jury trials. The day was interesting and informative, and most of all reinforced my belief that juries are an imperative part of our judicial system.
I recently attended one of there focus groups. It was a very positive experience!! They were truly seeking our opinions. There were no right or wrong answers. It seemed they were sincerely try figure out the best way to help there clients. Everything was as advertised.
I participated in focus group today with Chris. Very good experience. Very well run and Lorraine was very nice.
Chris was very honest and professional, and always treated me with respect. Averi was awesome to work with!
Was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in July. Spoke with Avery and she was my point of contact through my duration. Both Avery and Chris were exceptional people to work with and made sure I had no unanswered questions. I would recommend any motorcycle rider give them your business, they will treat you right.
They were amazing I appreciate everything that they have done for me and my grandpa
Charis Hammons and Avery are top notch folks to work with. I feel both were up front and honest with me from the beginning and all they way to the end of my case. They made my unfortunate situation much better. I could not have asked for better people to handle my case. Avery was quick to respond to any questions I had. Chris always took the time to say hello even if I did not come by to see him.The office staff are very professional. Never did I have an issue getting to speak to Chris or Avery. They made me feel like I was their friend, not their client. I would highly recommend these two to any of my family or friends that have the unfortunate need for their services. They will for sure take care of you.
Todd Kernal is an exceptional lawyer . I was facing a felony charge and Todd was able to reduce it to a misdemeanor . Because of this firm’s resourcefulness, and prolific performance I am able to sleep at night . Would definitely recommend this firm to anyone in a similar predicament.
They were amazing! Helped me get all my court stuff taken care of very professional and caring Todd kernal was amazing helped me get through my my mistake
Took place in one of the focus groups just a couple of weeks ago. Had a very positive experience while going over some tough individual cases. Overall, the whole thing was a learning experience about learning how the law works in specific situations, and I felt that the experience was very positive as a whole.
I participated in a focus group there recently and it was a great experience! Lorraine was kind and Chris was fantastic. He explained everything clearly and no answer was a wrong answer. He took the time to listen to everyone's thoughts and answers. Had a great time and experience and would definitely love to participate in another in the future.
Amazing attorneys, you or your loved ones will be in great hands!
They were extremely helpful and professional in handling my wife's case. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone needing a personal injury lawyer.
My father had an ongoing case and had great attorneys. Thank you.
The whole staff at LHL was helpful and caring. Todd was knowledgeable and persistent in helping us get our fair amount to cover medical expenses and automobile work done.
This is a great law firm that handles several types of legal cases. The entire staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and respectful.
Todd Kernal is an outstanding criminal defense attorney who helped me tremendously from start to finish in my particular DUI case. He was always very upfront, very communicative and very patient with me throughout the entire time before and during the time period of my trial. I would will definitely recommend him to all of my family and friends who may need a defense attorney. This man knows the law and is a man of his word.
The his law firm went above and beyond to fight for me, I highly recommend using them
Great firm to turn too. Nice people and very understanding. I would definitely point anybody to this firm. They really helped me out. Thank You LHL!!!
Todd help my husband's case I highly recommend
I highly recommend, they are the best.
A lawyer (Hammons) who actually cares and fights on your behalf. Has the very best paralegal too! Thank you both! 😊
I wish could give 6 stars. Todd Kernal is a good man and a fantastic lawyer. I was able to get more than I had hoped for with his help. If you need a good lawyer find this man asap!
I worked with Todd Kernal and he was very happy professional and thorough took some time but I got more than I expected LHL took good care of me.
I'm very pleased with Chris Hammons' handling of my auto accident case. He was honest with me and upfront about best and worst case scenarios and communicated with me in laymen's terms answering any questions I had. He played hardball with insurance companies when required and negotiated with my providers to protect my best interests. While my case was far from his highest priority, he gave mine the attention that was necessary. Mr. Hammons was recommended to me by a trusted family friend and I will wholeheartedly recommend him to my friends and loved ones.
Great group. If you're hurt in a not at fault accident, these are the guys to call.
I have known Jeff for quite some time. He has always been cordial and effective. I have some cases that Jeff took care of, with no hassles or delays. Lorraine is a gem, she responds back quickly, and is willing to help, at anytime. I would never use another law firm for any of my needs
I have unfortunately been in a few accidents, and my friend recommended LHL Law. They have been thorough every step of the way. Jeff is a very knowledgeable attorney, who actually cares about his client. Lorraine is awesome, anytime I have a question, be it a serious question, or a question on the trivial side, she gets back with me immediately. I have recommended LHL Law to my niece. As one would expect, an uncle is going to do his best to make sure his niece is in good hands. That is the reason I will always use LHL Law, as well as recommend them to anyone I know needing an attorney.
Amazing attorney! They went above and beyond with my case. I had started with a different attorney that was getting the case nowhere for over a year, but once I switch to Laird Hammons Laird they picked it up and got it moving again. I am so happy and appreciative with their help and I believe they got me the best possible solution.
I did a focus group this past Saturday and it was AMAZING.This staff was so friendly and knowledgeable. They listen, and they will be THE ONLY company I would go to for a trial lawyer.👏 BRAVOps pick me for more focus groups 😆
Everyone in the office goes above and beyond for you. I personally used Todd Kernal to help with my car accident and it was the best experience. He made the process painless and did everything in his power to help me.
I participated in a focus group at Laird Hammons Laird. It was a very interesting experience. The people were very welcoming and made sure we were comfortable and had everything that we needed. Watching how the lawyers that were conducting the focus group, it is very obvious that they take their job very seriously and that they will leave no stone unturned on coming up with the best way to fight for their client. After the focus group concluded, Mr. Kernal was nice enough to come up to me and offer some great advice on serving jury duty. Thank you very much for a great experience.
Went to a focus group today and had a very good experience. Everyone involved was professional, but not distant. They were very good at making us feel comfortable and moderating the discussion so it stayed productive and respectful. Everyone I spoke to was extremely friendly and they brought us Jimmy Johns for lunch which always adds points in anyone's favor in my book.
Laird Hammons and Laird is far an away the best law firm in the OKC metro if Not the state I had the pleasure of working with Todd Kernal and his team in my case. He worked with me step-by-step in every aspect. They are very thorough and make sure you’re doing everything that you need to do. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Thank you for your commitment and all your hard work. ….J. Lee
I had a very good experience @ Laird Hammons Laird law firm. Todd Kernal was very considerate, courteous and professional.
Chris Hammons was approached about my situation by a mutal acquaintance we knew at his gym. After hearing some of the details, Chris told the acquaintance that I should contact him which I did. After talking about my situation in more details with him, Chris discussed what he thought my legal remedies were. Chris assured me that we would only pursue the matter if I was comfortable with it. Chris stressed that he and his law firm would do all the heavy lifting and they did. While my situation was overall not very complex, we were able to conduct all of our correspondence by phone. Towards the end of the process, Chris and I met in person. I found Chris to be very engaging and genuinely concerned that I be compensated for the losses that I incurred as a result of the accident I was involved in. I was so pleased by the attention I received from Chris and the outcome he was able to secure for me, that when another situation occurred 40 days later, I immediately reached out to Chris for his counsel. I would not hesitate in recommending Chris’s service to anyone that found themselves in need of legal counsel regarding personal injury law.
I highly recommend this amazing law firm. I have used them twice with great success. As well as amazing support! The whole staff goes above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable. They are always so kind. They keep you in the loop from beginning to the end of the whole process. They accommodate to you and your needs. Answer any questions you may have without judgment. While I hope to not have to need them again any time soon lol. It's comforting to know they will be there if I do. If you want the job done RIGHT and to YOUR benefit, choose them!
I found that my attorney’s prep work and presentation were better than I would have expected. His court room management and arguments were also impressive. I was very nervous about testifying in court and thank you for being willing to take the time to work with me.My attorney was Todd Kernal.Thankyou
Gary Prochaska is the best lawyer I’ve used at Laird Hammons Laird! You’re not a number to them or just a cash cow ripe for the picking. You’re a human being that’s there for a reason so if you’ve truly been hurt on the job! Don’t be statistic just be an honest person with an injury that occurred while performing your job & you’ll get what’s just & right for you. Awesome job Gary thank you & thank you Laird Hammons Laird for all you’ve done for me over the past 12 years you have no idea how much I appreciate all of you!!!
I did a focus group with them. They seemed very knowledgeable and willing to do whatever it takes to help their clients. I was impressed with them.
Great law firm, very personable and thorough lawyers. I trust that they have my best interest in mind and would fight for my case.
I had a pleasure of attending a recent law survey research. The moment I walked through the doors the atmosphere was so inviting and warm. I was greeted by the most professional friendly lady at the door. Sorry did not get her name but she was a big part of this experience awesome. Once we were seated and everyone introduced themselves and their passion was a wonderful way to open up the crowd and meet someone new. Did I also say a lite breakfast and lunch was well provided and great. There were 2 main speakers that was amazing, professional, talented, knowledgeable, well spoken, and welcoming to the group. I would recommend this company for any law assistance that you may need. They will be my next call if I ever get into a pickle!!!!!!
Laird Hammons Laird is very knowledgeable and professional, I highly recommend this law firm!
I am thankful for the service and the patience they had with me with all my process and I really recommend their service .