How do Truck Tires Cause Accidents?

semi truck driving down highway

Anyone could inadvertently purchase a defective tire and experience a blowout. However, when the blowout is a semi-truck tire, the results are more catastrophic than in smaller vehicles. It is estimated that about six percent of the collisions involving large trucks result from tire problems. If you or someone you care about has been seriously injuredRead more

Catastrophic Injuries: What are They?

Woman being loaded into ambulance

Any injury can be considered “catastrophic” to your friends and loved ones. However, in the courtroom, “catastrophic injury” is a specific legal term reserved for some of the worst injuries resulting from an accident. Catastrophic injuries often incur for those involved in a trucking accident.  To ensure you receive the help you need to getRead more

What is A Spoliation Letter and Why Would I Need One?

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A spoliation letter helps keep evidence from being lost or destroyed. It makes obtaining evidence for a case much easier by putting the evidence holder on notice. The letter is given to the involved parties and ensures that they must do their due diligence to keep key evidence from being destroyed, tampered with, or misplaced.Read more

Should I Settle My Trucking Case or Go to Court?

Courtroom and gavel photographs

When you have been involved in an accident with a semi-truck, you’ll find your life gets turned inside-out. Many pathways exist to help you move forward, but which one should you take? Should you settle your case quickly or take it to trial? Your neighbors at Laird Hammons Laird are experienced with trucking accidents. We’reRead more

Federal and Oklahoma Trucking Regulations

Image of Semi-Truck on Highway

Federal trucking regulations and standards keep our roads safe in this country. Their chief goal is to reduce and prevent life-threatening accidents. Truckers and other large commercial vehicle drivers who fail to adhere to these regulations put everyone on the road at risk. There are some situations where Oklahoma state regulations outweigh federal regulations concerningRead more

What to Do After a Commercial Vehicle or Trucking Accident

Commercial vehicle accident scene

Any kind of car crash affects more than your car; it can damage your family, career, and life. When the driver involved is a professional, it’s even harder to get the help you need in court. Commercial accidents can involve anything from a collision with a semi-truck to being rear-ended by a courier service van.Read more

What is a Contingency Fee Agreement, and How Does it Work?

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A contingency fee means that your lawyer doesn’t receive any compensation unless they successfully win your litigation or a settlement is approved. You never owe us more than you are compensated in a lawsuit. If we win the case our fees are paid through your settlement, and if we lose you don’t owe Laird Hammons LairdRead more

The “Frivolous Lawsuit” Myth

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Public debate has raged for years about when lawsuits go too far, and the terms “frivolous lawsuit” and “tort reform” come up nearly every legislative session in Oklahoma. But what are frivolous lawsuits? A frivolous lawsuit is a term used to describe extravagant personal injury claims. Legally, the term frivolous litigation means attorneys file casesRead more

FAQ: Workers’ Compensation Benefits and Fees

Construction worker

Nearly 50,000 Oklahomans are hurt at work each year. Workers’ compensation is a politically charged subject in Oklahoma, and because of that, rumors and misinformation often make it difficult to understand what’s true and what’s not. Navigating the Oklahoma workers’ comp process is also lengthy and difficult. Gary G. Prochaska has spent his legal careerRead more

How Much Is My Work Injury Worth?

Forklift driver at work

When you’re hurt at work, medical bills can pile up quickly. Some injuries require time off of work, and your income can take a hit. Injuries can put a huge amount of pressure on families, especially when their income disappears. “They’re physically hurt and they have no money coming in,” said Gary G. Prochaska, theRead more