How To Be a Safe Driver For Motorcyclists

Oklahoma City, OK, has a poor track record for road safety. According to one study, the city has the third highest traffic fatality rate in the U.S. This statistic places Oklahoma City in 13th place among the country’s 50 most dangerous cities for drivers.

The news is even worse for motorcyclists. They have a higher risk of death or injury in a crash than motorists. Too many people simply don’t know how to be a safe driver for motorcyclists. 

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How Laird Hammons Laird Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You After a Motorcycle Accident in Oklahoma City, OK

How Laird Hammons Laird Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You After a Motorcycle Accident in Oklahoma City, OK

Since 2009, Laird Hammons Laird Personal Injury Lawyers has represented injured clients in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, against those responsible for their injuries. Our firm’s Oklahoma City motorcycle accident lawyers have recovered over $100 million in compensation for our clients.

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  • Preparing your insurance claim and negotiating aggressively to settle it
  • Litigating against at-fault parties and insurers who refuse to settle

A motorcycle accident can jeopardize your financial and physical health. Contact our Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers to discuss your crash and your options for seeking compensation under Oklahoma law.

How Many Motorcycle Crashes Happen in Oklahoma City?

According to the Oklahoma Crash Facts stats book, the state had 1,143 motorcycle crashes in 2021. Of these, 283 crashes happened in Oklahoma City. 

These crashes caused:

  • 15 fatal injuries
  • 43 severe injuries that required an ambulance
  • 86 minor injuries that were visible but did not require an ambulance
  • 76 possible injuries signified by complaints of pain or other symptoms

Only 47 motorcycle operators and passengers walked away from their collisions unscathed. In other words, almost 85% of motorcyclists involved in crashes in 2021 suffered injury or death.

Motorcycles face different road dangers than passenger vehicles. Since they require balance to remain upright, anything that knocks riders off balance can cause a motorcycle crash. For example, a near-miss can often be as deadly as a collision if the motorcyclist loses control of their vehicle while making an emergency maneuver.

Tips For Driving Safely Around Motorcyclists

When operating around motorcyclists, drivers must understand the risks they pose to motorcycle operators and the difference in how they operate. Motorcycles do not protect riders in a crash. Motorcycles can crush and trap motorcyclists when they tip over. They are smaller and can disappear from your view if you do not pay attention to them.

As a result, motorcyclists often employ different practices and follow different laws than drivers. These laws are intended to ensure riders have the experience and training to ride safely.

Watch For Motorcyclists

Motorcycle accidents happen for many reasons, especially when drivers fail to spot motorcyclists or misjudge their speed or distance.

Some other common crash scenarios occur when drivers:

  • Turn left across the path of motorcycles
  • Run motorcycles off the road
  • Follow bikers too closely

These crashes often happen when drivers fail to spot motorcyclists. Drivers can miss motorcycles because they are smaller and more maneuverable than automobiles. As a result, drivers can lose track of them in traffic.

But drivers can also fail to spot motorcyclists due to a cognitive bias called inattentional blindness. This phenomenon happens when motorcycles do not register as important in the driver’s mind even though they appear in plain sight.

You can overcome this cognitive bias by watching for motorcyclists. Check your blind spots before changing lanes and yield to motorcyclists approaching an intersection.

Slow Down

One of the greatest dangers to motorcyclists comes from speeding drivers. Speeding reduces your margin of error to avoid a collision. It also increases the crash energy, resulting in greater property damage and more severe injuries.

When you slow down, motorcyclists and motorists are safer. You give yourself more time to avoid a crash if you spot a motorcyclist at the last second. And if you do collide, you might not cause fatal injuries.

Drive Sober

Oklahoma City has a problem with drunk and drugged drivers. In 2021, nine of the city’s traffic deaths resulted from DUI crashes. This might not seem like many, but the city had only 99 total fatalities that year. Impaired driving slows your reflexes and dulls your senses. You are more likely to miss seeing other vehicles, including motorcycles, when you are intoxicated.

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