Oklahoma City Car Accident Statistics

Oklahoma City car accident statistics paint a grim picture. The city has the third-worst fatality rate in the country based on deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. These numbers put Oklahoma City in 13th place on U.S. News & World Report’s list of the most dangerous cities for drivers.

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How Many Traffic Crashes Happen in Oklahoma City?

In 2021, Oklahoma City had 18,935 traffic accidents. The most recent crash map from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO) states that 1,700 of those crashes caused injury or death.

About 29% of the state’s crashes happen in the city. The city has 694,800 residents, about 17% of the state’s population, so it has far more collisions than it should have based on its population share.

Oklahoma City had the highest number of traffic crashes of any city in the state. Tulsa came in a distant second place with over 7,900 traffic accidents. But Tulsa has nearly 283,000 fewer residents than Oklahoma City — that accounts for the lower number of crashes.

How and When Do Crashes Happen in Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma City’s traffic crashes include 250 pedestrian accidents and 88 bicycle accidents. The total reported by the OHSO also included single-vehicle accidents such as rollovers and collisions with fixed objects. The OHSO does not specify how many of the crashes in Oklahoma City only involved one vehicle.

Traffic Injuries and Deaths

Traffic crashes in Oklahoma City in 2021 caused 99 fatal injuries and 2,035 non-fatal injuries. 

The non-fatal injuries included the following:

  • 356 serious injuries that incapacitated the victim and required an ambulance
  • 1,736 minor, visible injuries that did not incapacitate the victim from leaving the scene
  • 5,599 possible injuries that caused symptoms without any visible wound

Fatal and non-fatal injuries in Oklahoma City also included non-motorists such as:

  • 26 pedestrian deaths and two cyclist deaths
  • 54 pedestrians and 10 cyclists with serious injuries
  • 73 pedestrians and 25 cyclists with minor injuries
  • 73 pedestrians and 34 cyclists with possible injuries

A huge factor in Oklahoma City’s fatality rate is seat belt use. According to the OHSO crash map, 27 of the 71 motorists killed in 2021 were not wearing seat belts.

Common Causes of Crashes in OKC

About 94% of crashes in the U.S. result from driver errors. 

The top driver errors that led to crashes in Oklahoma include the following:

Failure to yield the right of way caused more crashes than any other cause in 2021. These errors happen at intersections when one driver fails to stop for another driver. They can also happen mid-block when someone in the left-turn lane fails to stop for oncoming traffic.

Speeding drivers have an increased risk of losing control of their vehicles. Excessive speed also increases crash energy, which, in turn, causes more serious injuries.

Tailgating leads to rear-end collisions since the driver of the rear vehicle lacks the time or space to stop safely. Rear-end crashes can cause severe injuries to the neck, head, and upper limbs.

Intoxicated driving is not one of the top causes of crashes. But it is the third-leading cause of fatal crashes once you add together crashes involving alcohol and drugs.

Dangerous Times To Drive in Oklahoma City

Crashes in Oklahoma City happen exactly when you would expect. Crash numbers for Monday through Thursday and Saturday are roughly the same. But crashes peak on Fridays and dip on Sundays.

Similarly, crashes in the city have a small bump between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. during the morning commute. They dip slightly before increasing throughout the day. Crashes peak between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. during the afternoon commute.

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