Attorney Todd Kernal

Todd Kernal

Oklahoma City

Criminal Defense Lawyer

About Todd

Todd Kernal has worked as a criminal defense lawyer for nearly 26 years. Todd has extensive experience helping his clients navigate through the complex civil and criminal law issues surrounding a DUI arrest. He also has a long history of defending his clients against drug, sex and general felony charges.

Todd started his law career after a run-in with an unfair landlord while in college. The landlord refused to refund his damage deposit. So, Todd went to the law library — after having to ask for directions — and started doing research. He wrote the landlord a letter, explaining the law and why he was legally entitled to the deposit. Two days later, the deposit was returned. That’s when Todd decided to go to law school. While in law school, Todd interned in a criminal law practice and it was a perfect fit.

He enjoys being in the courtroom and fighting for his clients every day, and he prides himself on his ethics and his ability to research and prepare a case for the best possible outcome for the client. Many lawyers do not like to practice criminal law because they feel it is beneath them. Todd believes that all defendants deserve the full protection of the United States and Oklahoma Constitutions. If he does not stand up for his clients and protect their constitutional rights, then everyone loses.

Todd is originally from Artesia, New Mexico, and was a rugby player at New Mexico State University. Todd’s wife, Erin, is a certified public accountant. Todd and Erin have two children, Katie and Zachary.