Jeff Laird

Jeff Laird

Oklahoma City

Personal Injury Lawyer - In memoriam

His Legacy

Jeff Laird dedicated most of his adult life to helping people get justice through the legal system. Jeff always saw the good in people. His clients always respected his brutally honest opinions of their cases. Jeff was a skilled trial attorney and had no fear in a courtroom. He was a mentor to many young attorneys over his long career.

His law partner at Laird Hammons Laird, Chris Hammons, put it this way: “Jeff taught me to fear nothing when battling for our clients. He always stood up and did the right thing for our clients. Jeff never got rattled but always remained calm even when the odds were stacked against us. His calming and kind presence helped shape the attorney I am today.”

Jeff will be missed by all of the staff, the attorneys, and his clients. His legal career spanned over 40 years but the impact he had on so many is immeasurable. Whether Jeff was your attorney, family member, friend or mentor, he is missed by all! We all take comfort in the fact that Jeff is now with Debbie and their two dogs watching college sports together.

Rest in Peace.