Jason M. Hicks

Jason M. Hicks

Oklahoma City

Personal Injury Lawyer

About Jason

Jason Hicks is a trial attorney focused on personal injury cases. Jason has dedicated his career to fighting for injured Oklahomans. Jason has been with Laird Hammons Laird since the firm started back in 2009. As Chris’s “right hand man”, Jason works every day with Chris fighting for the little man. Jason has represented hundreds of clients in car wrecks, truck wreck, motorcycle wrecks, social security disability claims, insurance bad faith, and civil rights cases..

Jason grew up in Moore, Oklahoma. In 1994, Jason’s parents were in a car wreck. Jason’s dad suffered significant injuries that changed the rest of his dad’s life. Jason saw firsthand the real life effects of not only his dad’s injuries, but of the insurance company’s refusal to pay a reasonable settlement. As his parents fought the other driver’s insurance company and then their own insurance company, Jason began to understand the toll these cases truly have. Through it all, they had one thing going for them – a lawyer on their side. Having a lawyer stand up for them didn’t take the injuries away. But having someone to tell their story, someone to fight the insurance companies, having a lawyer on their side brought them hope and a willingness to continue on. From that experience, Jason knew he wanted to be that beacon of hope for other injured Oklahomans, so they too stand a fighting chance against even the biggest businesses and the biggest insurance companies.

Jason met Chris in 2007. At the time, Jason was an intern at another firm, where Chris was a practicing lawyer. As an intern and then a young lawyer, Jason began working with Chris on many of his more complex cases. Chris immediately recognized Jason’s skill and passion. When Chris, along with Jeff Laird and Jeff’s son started Laird Hammons Laird, Chris asked Jason to come with them. Recognizing an opportunity to work with experienced trial lawyers dedicated to practicing the right way, Jason was quick to say “yes.” Over his career at Laird Hammons Laird, Jason and Chris have worked together fighting side by side against big insurance and big business. Their track record speaks for itself. Together, Jason and Chris have obtained millions in settlements and verdicts for injured Oklahomans. For the last 15 years, Jason, Chris and the team at Laird Hammons Laird have fought together for justice, and if given a chance, they would be honored to fight for you.

When he is not fighting for injured Oklahomans, Jason and his wife, Kristen, spend their time chasing after their two young children, Harper and Cooper. From dance competitions to soccer games, to church at Victory Family Church, they are always on the go. Jason wouldn’t have it any other way.