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Chris Hammons


University of Oklahoma

JD, Law School (1997-2001)

East Central University

BA, History (1996-1997)

Oklahoma City

Personal Injury Lawyer

About Chris Hammons

Chris Hammons is an Oklahoma City personal injury attorney focused on personal injury litigation. Chris has spent his life fighting for the underdog, and he founded Laird Hammons Laird on the principle of doing what’s right. He’s represented hundreds of clients in cases ranging from personal injury to criminal defense to trucking accidents. He does a lot of work in the civil rights cases.

Chris started his trial career with an acquittal in a double felony case in Cleveland County. As he left the courtroom that day, he knew his place was in the courtroom, fighting for his clients.

Chris and Jeff Laird met while working at another law firm. Chris and Jeff’s son decided to strike out on their own in 2009, and Jeff joined them. When they started the firm, Chris and his partners made a pact to fight for the little guy. They wanted to give their clients hope that they can win against big business and big insurance companies.

Chris grew up in humble circumstances, and now he stands up for people who have been discarded by insurance companies, big business or the government. Trial lawyers like Chris and his partners are the last line of hope for some Oklahomans. Fighting for the rights of clients is even more important to our country in the current political climate.

Chris’s father went to prison when Chris was around 15 years old. The incarceration and legal battle his father went through would shape the rest of Chris’s life. On his own, Chris excelled in sports. Eventually, playing football at the University of Oklahoma. He became a team captain on the 2000 National Championship Football Team for OU. He attended law school so that he could get justice for folks that can’t fight for themselves. He has been completely focused on justice for his clients for the past 19 years. Forming a law firm of trial attorneys. His team is complete with lawyers willing to battle in a courtroom and not just settle. The aim is to seek out justice in whatever form that makes things right.

Chris has been on two CBS reality TV shows. He was a contestant on Survivor in 2016. It completed a dream of his being on his favorite television show. He was then chosen by CBS to run The Amazing Race in 2019 and it was his second adventure of a lifetime.

Currently in his spare time, Chris coaches basketball, football and baseball for his two sons, Jacks and Costner. Chris and his wife Jennifer stay busy going to the boys’ sporting events and working on their farm.