Oil and Gas Injuries and Workers Compensation

In Oklahoma, Oil and Gas is a major industry, providing direct and indirect benefits to millions. However, when it comes to the thousands of oil and gas workers, on-the-job injury is a significant risk. Injuries, and even death, can occur due to vehicular wrecks, equipment malfunctions, fires and explosions and more.

Oklahoma Oil and Gas Injuries: Who is Liable?

In the oil and gas industry, it’s common for many different service providers, working for several different business entities, to work on various phases of a job. Determining what organization is responsible for injuries and damages can be complicated. You need an experienced, Oklahoma workers compensation lawyer from Laird Hammons Laird. Our team has experience in helping you determine the factors that contributed to your injury, the parties that are liable, and the steps you need to take to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Oil and Gas Injury Stats

According to the most recent data from the Oklahoma State Department of Health, 11% of all work-related deaths during the 10-year span from 1998 to 2008 occurred to oil and gas workers. Many more workers were injured and missed time at work. Not only do workers deserve compensation to pay for any medical care needed – both short- and long-term – they also deserve compensation due to lost wages and other damages.

Get Compensated

Your oil and gas injury lawyers at Laird Hammons Laird are dedicated to getting you maximum compensation for injuries sustained on-the-job in the oil and gas industry. Let us help you get through the confusing workers compensation process in Oklahoma. Contact us for your free consultation.