Personal Injury, Insurance and You

Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing with the Insurance Company

Make a call to your Oklahoma injury lawyer before you begin dealing with insurance companies. We can help you understand your rights and responsibilities before it’s too late.

What to do:

  • Call an experienced Oklahoma personal injury attorney. Negotiating with the insurance companies yourself can have disastrous consequences. Our injury attorneys know their tricks and how to put a stop to them.
  • Avoid talking to insurance companies. Give only the minimum required information to file your initial property claim and avoid giving any statements if possible. Everything said can be used against you at a later point.
  • Get medical treatment for any injuries. Some injuries don’t manifest themselves until the shock and adrenaline wears off. Seek medical attention following your accident even if you don’t feel hurt.
  • Take pictures of injuries and damages. A picture is worth a thousand words and forces the insurance company to see the damage caused by their client through negligence.
  • Act fast before witnesses or evidence begin to disappear. Try to get contact info and statements from witnesses at the scene and give it to your Oklahoma injury attorney.

What NOT to do:

  • Don’t give a statement without a lawyer present. Insurance companies will try to trick you into admitting fault or saying you are not hurt. Stick to the facts and don’t volunteer information.
  • Don’t sign anything for the insurance company. Forms and waivers will start coming in, but let your personal injury attorney examine them. Many of these documents are simply unnecessary and limit your ability to recover damages.
  • Don’t admit any wrong-doing to anybody. Even an innocent remark could be presented as an admission of guilt. They are recording every call.
  • Don’t assume people will do the “right thing.” When people are faced with fines, many will choose to deny any responsibility.
  • Don’t try to handle it on your own. Injury cases can be complicated. An experienced Oklahoma injury lawyer knows how to handle a case efficiently and effectively.

While you recover, our Oklahoma personal injury attorneys will be talking to the insurance companies. We act as your shield, making sure not to give them the ammunition to build a case that minimizes or denies your claim. We don’t allow insurance companies to play their usual games to further delay or complicate your case. Your personal injury attorney is committed to providing you a swift and satisfactory resolution.

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