Josh Heupel's The 14 Foundation


Laird Hammons Laird is a proud sponsor of Josh Heupel’s The 14 Foundation. The 14 Foundation is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of children-in-need to help them achieve their highest potential by providing programs which inspire hope, develop leadership, accountability, goal setting and achievement.

The 14 Foundation was founded in 2000 during Josh Heupel’s senior and National Championship winning season.  After he witnessed firsthand some of the needs some of the children of Norman had while participating in a reading program at a local elementary school he wanted to do something to give back the community. Since that founding The 14 Foundation organizes three large programs every year in order to further their goals.




PIT Camps
Standing for Performance Improvement Training, these camps are held across the state and focus on performance beyond just that in the athletic realm. Along with a helping boys and girls improve their football skills they are taught important lessons on health, fitness, academic achievement (including in-camp tutoring and instruction), how to make good life choices in avoiding drugs and violence, leadership skills focusing on discipline, respect, trust and hard work.

Thanksgiving Food Drive
Every year since 2000 before one fall Sooner Football game you can find representatives of The 14 Foundation collecting donations for their annual food drive. The drive not only provides families with a Thanksgiving meal, but also with pantry staples for about a week’s worth of food beyond the holiday.

In the drive’s first year, the foundation fed 50 families. In 2013 The 14 Foundation provided meals to 1,200 families and since its founding has fed more than 10,000 hungry Oklahoma families.

Christmas Wish List Project
The annual Christmas Wish List Project is a collaboration of The 14 Foundation, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Walmart and Coca-Cola. During The Wish List Project’s first year The 14 Foundation raised $1,200 in gifts for children and has since grown to about $37,000 in yearly gifts for children today.

“On a personal level, I feel connected with many of the children the 14 Foundation helps,” says Chris Hammons. “I come from the same background as many of these children. When I was young a camp or event like the 14 Foundations puts on was not a possibility. These camps give children tools to be more successful in life not just athletics. The food drives at Thanksgiving and help the 14 Foundations does around Christmas give these children hope of a better time and hope for the future. The issues being dealt with by the 14 Foundation strike close to home for me and I know it is a worthwhile goal.”

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